Amit Karna, PhD

Professor of Strategic Management

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Published work:
​​17. Karna, A., Richter, A., Riesenkampff, E. 2016. Revisiting the role of the environment in the capabilities–financial performance relationship: A meta‐analysis. Strategic Management Journal, 37: 1154–1173.

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Presentations at international conferences:

Over 50 presentations made at international conferences organised by Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business, European Group of Organisation Studies, European Academy of Management and other organisations of international repute. 

Other activities:

  • Editorial Board member for Journal of Management, Journal of Asian Business Studies
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, Global Strategy Journal, European Management Review, Journal of Asia Business Studies
  • Consulting for corporations and government agencies
  • Corporate training in the fields of strategy, innovation and international management
  • Doctoral supervision of candidates in the field of strategy and international management